Tonka Paparazzi was founded in 2013 by Tom Palm, a lifelong resident on Lake Minnetonka for over 50 years. My hobbies include photography, fishing and boating. Over the last winter I combined all three into a new endeavor.

Many of my family and friends do not think this is a real job! My drive time to work is 10 seconds (door to dock is 20 steps). I got the office on the top floor with the best view. If the weather is terrible and there are no boats to photograph, this is a perfect time for musky fishing. Many people have pictures of family and friends on the boat but rarely is it taken from another boat. The advantage is that now everyone and the boat is in the picture.

Tonka Paparazzi will try to get a good shot of you cruising across the lake, beached at an island, or an aerial shot from a bridge. Maybe this will become your screen saver or a gift to your guest to remember that special day on the water. Smile!